Ấu Nhi (Seedling)

Age Group: 6 - 9          Number of Ấu Nhi: 76         Ngành Trưởng: Tr. Anthony Hoang

The Seedling scarf is green because it represents the color of a young seedling that is growing and needing nurturing. Seedlings symbolize the age of wonder, purity, innocence, and youthfulness. Youth in this age group are very dependent on the guidance of adults in their lives, such as their parents and youth leaders. Their response is Ngoan which means "obedience." They are taught not only to follow the guidance of important figures in their lives but also to learn more about being good Children of God.

Ấu Nhi Ca

Đoàn em như những mầm mạ non xanh tươi,
luôn vui cười luôn ngoan ngoãn sống đời Ấu Nhi.
Nguyện bền chí theo gương Chúa Giê-Su tuổi thơ,
dưới bóng cờ, em mang Chúa cho tuổi Ấu thơ.