Huynh Trưởng (Youth Leader)

Age Group: 18+         Number of Huynh Trưởng: --

The Youth Leader scarf is red because it represents the color of the blood that flows in our bodies. Their response is Phụng sự which means "to serve" as they are called to be humble servant leaders of God. In addition, the Youth Leader scarf has a yellow border that represents their hopes to help the youth become great leaders in their faith and society.

Prior to becoming a youth leader, youth leaders undergo specialized training in leadership and catechism at training camps. Once initiated, they work with other youth leaders to develop lessons and activities to help nurture the faith of the youth under their guidance. Throughout the year, there are multiple opportunities for Youth Leaders to improve themselves via spiritual retreats, national/regional conventions, bonding trips, and much more!

Kinh Huynh Trưởng

Lạy Chúa Giêsu Huynh Trưởng Tối Cao,
xin dạy con biết hy sinh cao thượng,
phụng sự Chúa và giúp ích mọi người.
Xin dạy con biết hy sinh không cần báo đáp,
luôn xông pha không ngại bão táp,
đẹp ý Cha trên trời, trong tình thương yêu hết mọi người.