Thiếu Nhi (Search)

Age Group: 10 - 12          Number of Thiếu Nhi: 42          Ngành Trưởng: Tr. John Hoàng

The search scarf is dark blue because it represents the color of the oceans that are strong and vital, as well as the vast blue skies that remind us of hope for a great future. Youth in this age group are becoming more aware of their surroundings as they get closer to adulthood. They are also at the beginning stages of learning more about their identities as Vietnamese Catholics in the United States. Their response is Hy sinh which means "sacrifice." As these youth continue to figure out their identities, they are taught the importance of sacrifice, especially for their families, friends and communities. They are able to grow in their faith via multiple extracurricular activities such as picnics, field trips, field days and more!

Thiếu Nhi Ca

Em Thiếu Nhi ơi, như ngàn tia sáng huy hoàng,
vào buổi rạng đông đến mang nguồn hơi ấm.
Em Thiếu Nhi ơi, em đẹp như hoa hướng dương,
tươi dịu như hơi gió xuân, đem yên vui đến muôn người.

Em Thiếu Nhi ơi, mắt nhìn em ví sao trời,
nụ cười trên môi xóa tan màu u tối.
Em Thiếu Nhi ơi, em là chiến sĩ Phúc Âm,
gian khổ nguy khó chớ nao, vui mang Chúa đến cho người.

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